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Cultural and Language Exchange Program | Study Trip

How about spending your vacation in a foreign country? Join our Korea summer program and have the most exciting summer of your life!

Seoul is the new hot spot in Asia and K-Pop and Korean culture is spreading around the world. Why not spend your holidays here? No matter if you’re in high school or have already graduated from college, you can sign up for our South Korea summer program.

Our Korea summer program allows you great insight into the country: Explore the capital, engage in cultural activities, sightseeing, K-Pop, meet the locals and improve your Korean skills in language classes and much more. The program is completely adaptable to your interests without necessarily being more expensive than other summer programs!

Possible Itinerary

Improve your Korean skills by attending language classes at the prestigious Seoul University! (Certificate included. Click here for details). You might even collect some credits for your university!

Immerse yourself into Korean Culture (wear Hanbok, join a stamp making class, make Kimchi…)

We introduce you to a variety of delicious Korean Food

Discover Seoul’s famous sites and the locals’ secret hot spots.

Learn about Korean history by visiting Temples, Palaces, museums and the DMZ

Discover K-Pop in Gangnam, visit SMTown, go to a hologram concert and see the YG/JYP/SM buildings to have a glimpse on your stars!

Go shopping for Korean beauty products, skin care and clothes!

Experience the life of a K-Pop Trainee at Mamamoo’s Agency

Have fun at the famous Lotte World Amusement Park

Visit Hyundai, LG and Samsung – The world changing innovators

Home Stay: Become fully integrated in the daily life of a Korean family

Learn the arts of meditation and find inner peace in a traditional Korean Buddhist Temple

Korea Summer Program
Cultural activities after language school are included in our Korean Summer Program

Korea Summer Program – FAQ

Suitable ages: High school students, College students, or even graduates – Everyone is welcome

Suitable for: Study Groups, Companies, Schools (We can organize a private study trip) or Individuals

Duration: Depends on you! In our experience, most programs last 2-4 weeks. And it does not necessarily need to be summer 😉

Application Deadline: 1 month before the program starts (K-Pop Trainee Program). No deadline for the private study trips.

Price: Depends on your preferences/itinerary.

Accommodation: We can arrange a suitable accommodation for you, depending on your preferences. Please let us know whether you would like to stay in a dormitory, hotel etc.

Flights are not included

When applying for a summer program or study trip, please let us know how long you would like to stay, in what kind of accommodation, your budget and –most important- your interests! (e.g do you want to take language classes? What are your Must-See’s/Do’s? Do you want to  join the K-Pop program?/ home stay? etc). We will create the perfect itinerary and contact you again. Please send us an e-mail (

OPTION: K-Pop Trainee Program

This is one of our most popular summer programs. Be a trainee at Rainbow Bridge World Agency (Mamamoo’s agency!), attend the agency’s vocal and dance lessons, get professional advice, audition, a make-over, visit celebrities’ hotspots, go on a hologram concert and much more. (only available 23-29 Jul 2017 OR 06-12 Aug 2017). Sign up now as the number of places is limited!


Here are some pictures from our summer programs/study trips:

korea summer program
Korea Summer Program: Our participants enjoying original Korean BBQ
Korea Summer Program
A fun night out!
Korea Summer Program
Korea Summer Program: education in a fun environment!




Korea summer program
Learn Korean in Seoul’s best university! Copyright 2016 by Language Education Institute, Seoul National University.


Korea Summer Program
Korea Summer Program: Sightseeing is an important part of the program
Korea Summer Program
Korea Summer Program: Our K-Pop Trainees having fun in Lotte World!
Korea Summer Program
K-Pop Trainee Program: At the professional recording
Korea Summer Program
As an aspiring K-Pop Star, Photoshoots are a Must!
Korea Summer Program
K-Pop Trainee Program: Getting a Korean Style make-over before recording
Korea Summer Program
Auditioning at Mamamoo’s Agency! Receive professional advice and get a step closer to your dream

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