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Gimje Horizon Festival

You are not dreaming! This beautiful landscape belongs to South Korea. What is Gimje Horizon festival? Held from late September to early October every year since 1999, the Gimje Horizon Festival has been created to introduce the rice harvest and natural beauty of Gimje. Situated in the […]

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bukhansan mountain

Bukhansan National Park, the Big Mountain to the North

Bukhansan National Park (which means the big mountain of the north) is a mountain situated in the north of Seoul. Bukhansan, the big mountain to the north Also called Samgaksan, Bukhansan 78.45km wide, has six districts and extends itself to Gyeonggi-do province. About 1,300 kinds of […]

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Vibrant Incheon : the futuristic city

Incheon is the second largest port city in Korea. It was the first town in Korea to begin rightly modernizing. Wolmido Island and Yeonan Pier constitute the top tourist attractions in the area. But you can also find its International airport, bridge, Songdo international city […]

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busan beaches

Busan’s Beaches : perfect places to enjoy summer

Busan Vacance~ You’ve planned to spend summer vacation in South Korea? Summer is coming along with summer break so you have to go to Busan and enjoy summer time solo, with friends or family. This article will introduce you to famous Busan’s beaches. Located on […]

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gyeongju between past and present

Gyeongju City : Between Past and Present

Often referred as the historical city of Korea, Gyeongju is an archaeological land full of evidence of the past. Indeed, for a long time, the city has been the capital during Shilla Dynasty (BC 57-935). Today, the city has preserved its heritage in its walls […]

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the garden of morning calm

The Garden of Morning Calm, Most beautiful Garden in Korea.

The Garden of Morning Calm is most beautiful and oldest private garden in Korea. It is located Gapyeong of Gyeonggi-do. It is very easy to go there from Seoul and gives people a truly relaxing and joyful experience. So it is a perfect spot to […]

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