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The Garden of Morning Calm is most beautiful and oldest private garden in Korea. It is located Gapyeong of Gyeonggi-do. It is very easy to go there from Seoul and gives people a truly relaxing and joyful experience. So it is a perfect spot to visit for families, couples and foreign tourists alike.

The natural beauty of Korea in the Garden of Morning Calm.

‘Garden of Morning Calm’ originated from when Indian poet called Korea ‘the Land of Morning Calm’. The founder of this place has strived to embrace the natural beauty of Korea and the spirit of the Korean people in the garden. So, the design of the garden focused on a natural curve with asymmetry, space and balance. It is Korea`s unique beauty to express classic elegance.

The garden has over 5,000 species of plants and flower decorating it. It grows locally in mountains. All these plants and flowers form over 20 various gardens with different themes. Beautiful walkways, manicured grass, and flower beds connect the garden’s 20 different themed sections. Such as wildflower garden and hibiscus garden have are over 1, 000 species of Korean native wildflowers. The garden is usually busy from March to November because flowers are in bloom during this period. This place is perfect to make your special memory with a beautiful picture. Everywhere you look there are awesome backdrops for excellent photos. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the garden, there are a variety of festivals and displays held throughout the year. Such as ‘Iris Festival’, ‘Maple Festival’ and ‘Lighting Festival in winter’.

Why don’t you visit The Garden of Morning Calm to make your unforgettable memory with a beautiful picture?

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garden of morning calm

garden of morning calm

garden of morning calm





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