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10 Delicious Korean Summer Dessert

10 Delicious Korean summer dessert

Summer in Korea is awesome but can be terribly, terribly hot and humid. July and August are the most hottest month. Monsoon season with heavy unpredictable rain often surprises locals and tourists alike. To cool down your body, nothing is better than relax in a cafe […]

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Hanjeongsik – A meal for the Kings

Hanjeongsik Today we will introduce you to special and unique art of Korean food: The Hanjeongsik! The Hanjeongsik is a full-course meal consisting of the finest Korean delicacies alongside savory side dishes. Hanjeongsik is a very special meal and was reserved to royals and aristocrats […]

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Korea Food Tour – What You Can Expect

What makes this tour the Best Food Tour in Seoul? Hello, today we want to tell you some details about our “tradition vs. modernity” night food tour! We actually named this tour “The Best Food Tour in Seoul” and there are a variety of reasons! […]

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Strawberry Buffet in Seoul – The Ultimate Guide

Strawberry Buffet – The new trend in Seoul If you like strawberries and desserts, you cannot miss this event! Korea takes the strawberry season to a whole different level. Hotels all over the country are hosting luxurious “strawberry buffets”. Don’t know where to go on […]

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The Best Korean BBQ in Seoul

The Best Korean BBQ in Seoul If you are a true meat lover you might have already heard of Korean BBQ, right? It is getting famous all over the world but of course, you wanna try the original in Seoul 😉 The Korean name “Samgyeopsal” […]

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The Best Bingsu in Seoul

The Best Bingsu in Seoul After the Budae Jjigae and Samgyeopsal, I was already pretty stuffed but craving for Bingsu! If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect way to cool off in hot summer or treat yourself in winter. Honestly I could eat Bingsu […]

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