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Itaewon tour : come to Seoul’s Cosmopolitan neighborhood

Itaewon is located in Yongsan-gu, which borders the northern part of the Hangang River. It is also close to Seoul Station, Myeong-dong, and Namsan Mountain. What about taking you to itaewon tour now and make you discover this unique neighborhood. A lot of people associate […]

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Dak Galbi : Chuncheon proud Korean dish specialty

Have you ever tasted the famous Korean Dak galbi (marinated chicken) grilled over hot coals? If not then you missed something. Before : some explanation The word “galbi” mean steak but can also mean marinated meat grilled. The So (beef) galbi and Dwaeji ( pork) […]

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Geoje Island : a small piece of land in the Yellow sea

The island of Geoje, justly proud of its generous nature, is easily discoverable for visitors. The second largest island in Korea after Jeju, Geoje Island is located not far from the Busan in Gyeongsangnam-Do province. It is joined to land by two bridges from nearby Tongyeong. Covering an area […]

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Gimje Horizon Festival

You are not dreaming! This beautiful landscape belongs to South Korea. What is Gimje Horizon festival? Held from late September to early October every year since 1999, the Gimje Horizon Festival has been created to introduce the rice harvest and natural beauty of Gimje. Situated in the […]

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bukhansan mountain

Bukhansan National Park, the Big Mountain to the North

Bukhansan National Park (which means the big mountain of the north) is a mountain situated in the north of Seoul. Bukhansan, the big mountain to the north Also called Samgaksan, Bukhansan 78.45km wide, has six districts and extends itself to Gyeonggi-do province. About 1,300 kinds of […]

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Korea UNESCO world heritage sites : An impressive record

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE in Korea, a territory filled with valued sites from different historical background. Korea has rapidly developed for a few years now, and thanks to it has rise among the highest industrialized countries. Nonetheless Korea’s cultural legacy has been well preserved and with the […]

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