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Danyang Tour Experience

My Danyang Tour Experience with Oneday Korea   It was my family’s first trip to Korea, which was a dream coming true for me. Of course, I planned a lot ahead and did research on places that I really wanted to see. Danyang was one […]

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pocheon tour experience

Pocheon Tour Experience

 Pocheon Tour Experience The small city of Pocheon is located in the Gyeongi province, 42km northeast of Seoul. Currently, 160.176 people are living in Pocheon. I did not know anything about Pocheon prior to coming to Korea but after seeing the great pictures being taken […]

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danyang paragliding

The Ultimate Guide to Paragliding in Korea

Your Guide to Paragliding in Korea If you are that kind of person who is always seeking for adrenaline rush, bungee jumping and skydiving is no problem for you and you need new, challenging adventures? Then paragliding is something you should try in Korea! Danyang, […]

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Visit Chuncheon Local Market and get a 5000 Won Cash Coupon!

Visit Chuncheon Local Market and get a 5000Won Cash Coupon! Available Date: 01 June 2017  ~  31 July 2017     We have a special promotion going on! If you want to visit the Chuncheon Romantic Market, you can simply combine it with our Nami Island […]

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The Art of Taekwondo | Free Taekwondo Classes

The Art of Taekwondo | Free Taekwondo Classes What is Taekwondo? Taekwondo (Korean: 태관도) is a Korean form of martial art, focusing on fast jumping and spinning kicks. The name derived from the Korean word “Tae”, which means foot, “Kwon”, meaning fist and lastly “Do” which […]

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The Best Places to Stay in Seoul

The Best Places to Stay in Seoul 1. For First-Timers and Shopaholics: Myeongdong Myeongdong is a great place to stay because of its central location and the fact that everything is available there. From countless Korean clothes and cosmetics brands to delicious street food, restaurants […]

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