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Safe places to travel during Corona-virus

When will we travel again? Even the COVID19 becoming less severe, we still worry because there is no specific treatment at the moment. Many countries are developing COVID19 vaccine so we hope it will be succeed. If you want to travel in South Korea, please […]

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K-drama: Top 32 filming locations to visit Part 2

In the first part of this article “Part 1“, we detailed the filming locations of several popular dramas, but here, we have compiled some of the most famous shooting spots that welcomed numerous dramas.

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The best things to do and see in Jeju Island

Only one hour a half flight away from Seoul, Korea’s tropical island, the picturesque Jeju has it all: from gorgeous beaches to relax, to beautiful natural formations, eccentric museums and parks, and other great attractions. To help you get the best out of Jeju, OnedayKorea […]

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K-drama: Top 32 filming locations to visit Part 1

  Korean TV shows, commonly called K-dramas, have gained worldwide recognition over the last decade, and viewers notice as much (sometimes even more) the background of the scenes than the story itself. And we can’t blame them: there are many beautiful landscapes in Korea, and […]

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The best guide for Kpop fans in Korea

K-pop has exploded over the last few years and is now popular all over the world. Whether you enjoy listening to Big Bang, Monsta X or Hyuna from time to time, or you are a hardcore BTS fan, OnedayKorea compiled for you the best places […]

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Canola Flowers in Korea

Where to see Canola flowers in Korea?

It’s not just Cherry Blossoms! There are many beautiful flowers beside the Cherry Blossoms. Canola Flower Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Korea. It is one of the landmark spring celebrations in Korea. It takes place every April to May and provides […]

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