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Seonyudo Park is located in a small island (110,000m²) on the Han River. This cute park will make you feel the nature in Seoul!
Opened in 2002; there was before the park a water purification plant that is now closed. The infrastructure was recycled into an ecological water playground, an aqua botanical garden and a water purification park. Seonyudo Park is a breath of air for Seoul.

Seonyudo Park

“Seonyu” means literally “a place of scenic beauty”; it is a beautiful and ecological park where you can enjoy a slow walk and feeling the nature around you; the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air and to relax with your friends or your family.
Seonyudo Park
It is the best place in the heart of Seoul to avoid the stressful and turbulent city’s life, and to get away of the touristic spots with the birdsong and the smell of flowers.

Seonyudo Park

Cars and even bikes are not allowed in the park, which make your stroll even more pleasurable.
It is going to give you the impression to be outside of the city for a moment, to be in the countryside!

Seonyudo Park

Check our Han River Tour if you want to discover Seonyudo Park!


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