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How does the color purple make you feel? Purple makes me feel peaceful, gentle and serene, especially the lavender purple make people feel romantic.

South Korea has a new hot spot, this is the hidden purple Island. When you visiting Korea, you may visit the most popular Island Nami Island and Jeju Island. If you want to see something special and a place not very crowded, this purple Island in Korea should be one of the best choices.


This hidden Purple Island is located in Banwol-do of Sinan County in South Jeolla Province. Banwol-do means ”half-moon Island”, there is a bridge named ”Bridge of Hope” on this Island that is 1,462 meter long and the bridge connecting two islands but all painted in purple, it is super beautiful for photo shooting!


This hidden purple Island in Korea provide a magical world with painted in purple, the bridge, road, houses, restaurant all are decorated in purple! You can rent a bike here and visit the lavender field for photo shoot, the Island started planting over 40,000 lavender plants since 2019.


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