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Traditional Korean Mask Dance

Andong : Hahoe Village and the Traditional Korean Mask Dance

Hahoe Village of Andong Hahoe Village is home to descendants of the Ryu clan of Pungsan and is well-known for its traditional houses. Birthplace of renowned scholars of the Joseon Period such as Gyeomam Ryu Un-ryong and Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong, the village became even more […]

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Buddha’s Birthday: a special celebration Korea

Buddah’s birthday: a special day Buddha’s birthday is usually a big event among Asians countries. In South Korea this is a very special day not just for Buddhist people but for all Korean; this day is considering as National Holidays. On that joyful day, Koreans gather […]

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Cosmetic industry in South Korea : the importance of beauty

Who has never dreamed of becoming a star like the ones we saw on TV. ? Regardless the gender or the age, Koreans tends to put make up on or use skin care product at an early age. Indeed, Korea cosmetic industry has known a […]

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Cheongdo Bullfighting Culture

Did you know that Bullfighting was part of Korean culture? It first started years ago as a way of passing time for the herdsmen, but it quickly became a bigger event to provide entertainment to the villagers and show off a household or village’s power. […]

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Korean Traditional Stamp ”Dojang”

A dojang (도장) is a personal traditional stone or wood stamp used to sign your name. They have been used in Korea since the second century B.C. and are still frequently used today. Most Koreans own a personal dojang for use in signing official documents. […]

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The mermaids of Jeju Island

What do you usually think about when you hear the word « mermaid »? Apart from the legendary aquatic creature -with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish-, does a grandmother wearing a lead-weighted vest and goggles comes to your mind? […]

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