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Buddah’s birthday: a special day

Buddha’s birthday is usually a big event among Asians countries. In South Korea this is a very special day not just for Buddhist people but for all Korean; this day is considering as National Holidays. On that joyful day, Koreans gather to celebrate their traditional culture. This is an important moment in South Korea and it takes, at least, a month to prepare all the things.In Korea Buddha’s birthday is celebrated according to Lunar Calendar, it means that the date change every year. This day is called “Seokga tansinil” or “Bucheonim osin nal” which means “the day when the Buddha came”.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to discover and learn more about “The Land of the Morning Calm”.There are a lot of temple in Korea that you can visit all year long though it is even prettier and full of colors during Buddha’s birthday. Temple also provide tea to all visitors who come and sometimes, they provide some traditional and famous Korean food which is called “Bibimbap”.

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Korea Buddha's brith
Maybe you don’t know but Buddha’s birthday is also known as “The Festival of the Lanterns”.
People used to write their name on a little paper attached on a colored paper lanterns that are mostly red, pink and gold. They also write a wish, aspiration or hope that they carry in their heart.
The largest lantern festival takes place in downtown Seoul and the annual parade is usually the highlight.
Korea Buddha's brith
Korea Buddha's brith
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