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Types of Tour Guide


The Tour guide

The tour guide is a travel specialist. He is very knowledgeable and can provide you with extensive information about history, sides, traditions and everything you want to know. He is a native Korean with great English skills. If you are in Korea for the first time or want to receive an all-round professional tour, the tour guide would be the best choice for your trip. To ensure the best experience for you, tours with a tour guide include a separate driver.


The Driver Guide

A driver guide will act as your driver and tour guide in one person. He is less knowledgeable than the tour guide, but can provide you with the most important information, help you to get around at the destination and give tips about the best photo spots. He will spare you from frustrating experiences that you might encounter without assistance and help you to enjoy the destination to the fullest.


The Driver

The driver has only one responsibility, which is to take you safely to your destination. However, this driver has many advantages compared to a taxi driver. First of all, no misunderstanding arise since our driver speaks English. Moreover, he will conveniently pick you up from your location and there are no hidden costs if the ride takes longer due to a traffic jam etc. Also, the vehicle is very big and comfortable, providing enough space for even larger groups and luggage. This is the most convenient and comfortable way to reach your destination.


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