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Korean packed lunch boxes ~ Dosirak (‪도시락‬)

Dosirak (‪도시락‬) means Korean packed lunch boxes, usually made with seaweed, kimchi, sausage, gochujang, egg and rice.   Actually ‪‎this‬ is a traditional culture in ‪‎Korea‬. At the older generation, Korean parents prepare Dosirak for their children as they go to school. Children put their Dosirak […]

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Unique Hotels in South Korea

All around the world and in every country, travelers can find unique hostels, inns or guesthouses. Of course, South Korea is no exception! A grape-shaped hotel beautifully blending in the natural landscape of Jeju Island, a hotel museum with quirk designed rooms facing the East […]

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5 Things You Could Make Yourself in Korea

Making something from scratch with your own hands is a unique experience that gives you a great feeling of self-satisfaction and gives the object you created a special meaning and value. So let’s discover some of the things you can make yourself in South Korea […]

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