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You can’t miss out Seoul Palace tour when you travel Korea. During the Joseon era, the Royal palace was the Kings’ households, as well as the government center. If you’ve been to the royal palace and you want something new, how about visiting Folk village? The Korean Folk Village is traditional culture theme park in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, it takes almost 1.5 hour from Seoul to get there.


Introduction of Korean folk village

Korean Folk Village (KFV) have a total of four parts: Folk village, Market village, play village, Bazaar. The village was created with common people’s houses and aristocrats’ houses relocated or restored from different parts of the country such as south, middle, north, and islands. Especially, one of them (99 rooms house) was relocated from Suwon Fortress castle in 1973. At the entrance of a town, you can find some Jangseung (left side of picture), which is Korean traditional totem pole. People believed Jangseung protected us from Evil, so it was the guardians of the Town. Also, it worked as road signs.

Korean Folk Village Tour

Korean Folk village summer Festival : Trip to countryside

Korean Folk Village is holding a summer event from June 18th to August 28th this year. Is a customized summer trip to the Countryside. A variety of thrilling summer events include watermelon Seori(stealing for fun)race, Natural Fingernail Dyeing with garden balsam and catching Chinese muddy loach etc. You can experience all this Korean cultural activity here, so don’t miss this event if you like Korean culture.

Korea Summer Event

Unique scenery of Folk village : Part time workers with traditional clothing

What makes the folk village more funnier than just going around a Hanok village is that there are special characters walking around the village. Just like in Disneyland, some characters have their role to make the village more realistic. Beggars, courtesans, village idiots, vendor, crazy women, etc. Some workers are very famous, to the point they even have Facebook fan page! The part time job in folk village is really popular. Sometimes, Korean Folk Village holds open auditions for some of the position. Visitors like to interact with characters, and it makes village more cheerful. Vendors, and even the cleaning crew dresses in traditional clothing.

Korean Traditional Culture

Special performance

During weekends and holidays, village is full of visitors. In the Performing Area, you can enjoy the performances of Farmer’s Music and Dance, Equestrian Feats, B-boy and Korean Traditional Music, Traditional Wedding ceremony and many others at this place. (2 times a day).

Korean performance


Interested in this Korean Folk village summer Festival : Trip to countryside event? Please check our Korean folk village tour( Korea History & culture tour).


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