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Damyang Bamboo Forest


The Damyang Bamboo Forest, or Juknokwon (죽녹원) is a 25-acre complex full of hiking trails, man-made waterfalls, and, of course, bamboo. The relaxing and refreshing effect of the bamboo blowing in the wind is enough to calm even the most stressed people.

The Juknokwon is a popular filming spot, as you will encounter several signposts indicating famous Korean movies and television shows that have used the forest as a set.

If you are hungry, make sure to try Daetongbap (대통밥) at one of the many restaurants close to the forest. Featuring rice and various nuts steamed inside a bamboo stalk for four hours, allowing the delicate but distinct flavor of the bamboo to permeate the rice, after which you can keep the vessel as a souvenir!

Check out our Damyang Private Tour for a visit of the Bamboo Forest, Metasequoia Road, Damyang Bamboo Garden and Boseong Green Tea Plantation!

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Damyang Bamboo Forest Tour

Damyang Bamboo Forest

Korea private tour

Damyang Bamboo Forest Tour

Damyang Bamboo Forest Tour

If you already visited Jeonju, we offer a tour focusing on the Bamboo Forest and Boseong Green Tea Fields, check it out 😉


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