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Lotte World Tower

Unlike some other countries in Asia, ‪South Korea‬ isn’t really renowned for its high buildings. However, if you passed by the Lotte World area in #‎Seoul‬ during this year, you may have noticed an unusually high construction going on. In fact, ‪Korea‬ launched a new […]

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Ihwa Mural Village Tour Guide

There are several mural villages in Seoul and all over Korea‬, but Ihwa Mural Village is one of the most popular! Situated on one of the sides of Mt. Naksan, this aging and silent village was able to avoid destruction thanks to its undesirable location, […]

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Sky Park Tour Review

It may be surprising but in the past this area was a massive disposal site. In fact, Seoul‬ decided to transform it into a beautiful green space when they got designated as hosts for the 2002 World Cup. In this way, a network of six […]

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