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Yut game

It’s no big surprise that Korea is one of the best-developed countries when it comes to video games.

However what about games off-screen? Do Koreans still enjoy playing historical ones?

Originally, Korea’s traditional games were created from folk beliefs. For a long time, the peninsula has been an agrarian society, and Koreans had strong faith when it came to gods. It’s around this period, posterior to the exorcism (performed with singing and dancing) that Korean’s traditional games have developed. Although many folk beliefs vanished, people continued to play games even if it nearly disappeared under Japanese occupation. According to the region, games and rules can differ.

Playing these games allow people to communicate but also spend time with their family, friends and even neighbors. Nonetheless, today, they are still performed either in a modern way or during festivals like Chuseok. Nowadays the most popular ones are: Ganggang Sulrae, Jegichagi, Neolttwigi, Ssireum, Tuho and Yunnori.

Nonetheless, below are old games who might not be as popular as the ones quoted above but are still played a lot by Koreans:


Gonu can compared to a Korean chess. Players have to draw a game board either on the floor or a wooden pillow. Playing methods are numerous, and no matter how many generation have passed, people still enjoy this game. This kind of game is the best to develop one’s intelligence.



Initially, Gonggi was a game played only by girls. It can refer to the western game called ‘jacks’ The principle of this game is to throw in the air five small stones then let it fall to the ground and then they have to pick all of them and throw them all on their hand, if one fall out of the hand then they failed.


The Game Of Yut

This is one of the most iconic game in Korea. Koreans usually play it during lunar New Year celebration coupled with the first day of the full moon according to the lunar calendar. You have four wood stick, you toss it and depending on which side they fell off you are making a figure either a do, geol, or mo. The number of players is undetermined. Today, people enjoy it a lot regardless of time or date.



Unlike the Gonggi, Gaegichagi is a traditional game for boys used to test their skill. In western countries, it is known as the hackysack. The game is considered to be the origin of the play of the West, hackysack. The tool with which they play is called a Gaegi. It is made with hanji (Korean paper) and silk then its cover is torn to give it some aerodynamic properties like the one we can find in a badminton bird. Nowadays it is made of metal and vinyl. In this game it is all about footwork you won’t lose unless you let the gaegi touch the ground. The game was traditionally played during winter period especially during Lunar New Year.



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