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The island of Geoje, justly proud of its generous nature, is easily discoverable for visitors. The second largest island in Korea after Jeju, Geoje Island is located not far from the Busan in Gyeongsangnam-Do province. It is joined to land by two bridges from nearby Tongyeong. Covering an area of 383.44km2, the island is offering beautiful landscape featuring countless of peaks. Geoje island is also known for hosting the 2nd and 3rd largest shipyards in Korea. It is mainly composed of beautiful beaches and mountains perfect for great hiking. The island counts numerous offshore attractions worthwhile. Among them, you can find its Hakdong Pebble Beach, Samsung industry and more. The key attraction of Geoje Island is its natural coastal beauty and its endless calm blue beach and raw cliffs overlooking the sea.

Geoje island best sights

One of the best sights of the island is the attraction called Haegeumgang. Symbol of Geoje, the quiet island is a large rock surnamed “diamond sea” facing the “windy hill”, a filming location for many Korean series. It has a great ecological value. Shaped over millions of years by wind and waves, strange shapes were born from it such as lion rock, the candlestick, skull, etc. The island was formerly called “galdo” or “yakchoseom” for its medicinal herbs of which is deemed to ensure immortality.

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Geoje Island-Haegeumgang

One of the most noticeable beach in Geoje is its Hakdong black pearl pebble beach or Mongdol in Korean. (Thanks to its crane shape, the beach surname is the pebble beach). Why? while Geoje island might have many beautiful beaches, Hakdong stands out because it has no sand, but only pebbles. Visitors particularly like this beach for the sound its waves make when hitting the stones, reported as unique. Even if the beach considered small and you have nothing to do in particular over there, it is still a good place to hang out for a family outing to just relax to the sound of waves. For those who wants, they can even set up a camp over there, why not? In addition, for trekking lovers, you can just go on its surroundings mountain : Noja and Gara to enjoy the fresh sea air.

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Geoje Island-Hakdong beach

Nearby Geoje island, the island of Oedo and its 740 varieties of plants recalls the Mediterranean vegetation. With a botanical garden beautifully landscaped, and splendid ocean views, make this tiny island southwest of Busan a popular destination for tourist. A ferry will take you from Geoje island to large beautifully maintained Paradise Oedo Island. Its European botanical garden and various plant species will soak you in the unique atmosphere of the South Korean coast.

A passionate horticulture couple created the garden in 1969 and had maintained and cared for it for over 30 years. Whereas they opened it to the public in 1995. Founders of the backyard still live on the island in a luxurious white villa. Hence, stroll along the garden of Venus: it leads to the designers’ home to a white marble colonnade overlooking the ocean and on the wooded shoreline of Geoje. Explore the 15 thematic areas, and enjoy with you family or with your lover this romantic and charming atmosphere of the botanical garden. However, you will have 90 minutes to visit the island so don’t waste time and enjoy to its fullest what the island has to offer.

Nowadays the island has great scientific value since discovery of  dinosaur footprints.

Oedo Botanical Garden

Some historical facts about this island

The island conceals a fascinating story. During the Korean War, the island had housed a large prisoner-of-war camp ( geoje pow camp) with over 170,000 Chinese and North Korean prisoners. So, after the war, they preserved a part of this camp and it soon became a tourist attraction. Not only it offers a unique look at the Korean war past episodes, but it also covers many anecdotes, and more exact function of this camp during this period. Also, it remains today a reminder of what happened 63 years ago.

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Geoje Island POW Camp

If you have the chance to visit Busan, take one day off to visit Geoje Island. You will definitely spend a good time and make great memories!

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