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Did you hear about the last craze in Korea‬?
This time it’s not about a bag of honey-flavored chips, but a bottle of soju!

As you may know, alcohol is an important part of Korean culture and their most popular one is Soju‬. Soju was traditionally made from rice but is now commonly made from potatoes and is the most consumed liquor in the world! Its alcohol content varies from around 18% to 45% and can appear to be quite strong for some people.
Nowadays though, more and more fruit flavored soju (called “mixju”) with lower alcohol content are being industrialized to fit the taste buds of a larger range of customers. It is a huge trend right now, with restaurants displaying the bottles on the front to attract customers by showing that the fruity soju is available in their establishment.
New flavors are being created week after week such as blueberry, grapefruit or pomegranate, with more and more brands taking part in the craze!

Did you try one of them already?

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(Let’s drink with moderation 🙂 )

Fruit flavored soju

Fruit flavored soju

Fruit flavored soju

Fruit flavored soju

Fruit flavored soju

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