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2015-2016 is the France-Korea year. It celebrates the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. From September 2015 to August 2016, it is the year of Korea in France, and from March to December 2016, it is the year of France in Korea.
For this anniversary, there will be in the tow countries, artistic events as exhibition or shows, but also events on gastronomy, sports, science or economy. It will enable to reinforce the French and Korean relationship, concentrate on innovation and development for industrials partnership and it should promote the development of collaboration between higher education establishments French and Korean.
The idea is also to promote Korea to the French people and vice versa. France and French culture is well known in Korea, you can even find “Petit France” a small village in the countryside. This is not the same thing in France about Korea. The interest in Korea by French has been growing up since few years. Many people learned about this little country and its culture through the success of PSY in 2012. Since then, we can see that others Korean bands came in France to perform, many Korean restaurants have appeared (even Korean markets in Paris!) and more and more schools offer to learn Korean.
If you want to discover a little of France, but in South Korea, check our several tours that will bring you to the South of France with Petit France, Provence or the French village in Seoul.

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