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3 Days Seoul Trip Itinerary: What to Do in Seoul for 36 Hours

Ultimate Travel Guide for Free and Easy in Korea Seoul is the latest hot spot in Asia. With Korean music and fashion taking over the world, the number of visitors has doubled in the last few years. The modern metropolis with over 11 million habitants […]

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Gyeongbokgung : The precious Jewel of Korean History

Gyeongbokgung also known as Gyeongbok Palace was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. Lee Seong-gye or the Taejo of Joseon initiated the construction of  the “palace of happiness” when he decided to settle the capital in Seoul. Gyeongbokgung is the largest of the Five Grand […]

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Taekwondo : Symbol of the strong Korean spirit

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It was developed during the 1940s and 1950s during the Japanese occupation. Taekwondo is combining and incorporating the elements of various martial art like Karate or Chinese Martial Arts. Furthermore, it is also adding some indigenous Korean martial arts […]

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