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Gyeongju : Museum without walls with Lotus flower complex & Attractive night view

It is not an exaggeration to call the entirety of Gyeongju a museum for the countless numbers of cultural artifacts and remains spread throughout this city; it is often the destination for student’s history field trips. While it is true that the city has much […]

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gyeongju between past and present

Gyeongju City : Between Past and Present

Often referred as the historical city of Korea, Gyeongju is an archaeological land full of evidence of the past. Indeed, for a long time, the city has been the capital during Shilla Dynasty (BC 57-935). Today, the city has preserved its heritage in its walls […]

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Gyeongju Yangdong Village [UNESCO World Heritage]: turning a hundred years back

What are you thinking when you hear about ‘folk village’? South Korea counts many folk village within its peninsula. A Majority of them have been restored whereas only few have been preserved ones. Yangdong Village is the most famous as it is Korea’s largest traditional […]

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