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jeonju hanok village

North Jeolla Province Tour Experience : Jeonju, Jin-an

Jeollabuk – do is located in the southwestern part of Korea. It is located about 3 hours drive from Seoul. Jeollabuk-do is a place that has produced many artists from ancient times. Many traditional cultures such as traditional crafts, Hanji, and architecture have developed around […]

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10 great indoor places to visit in Seoul during cold winter

Winter is the coldest season. Extremely cold, dry, very low humid and sunny, some days snowing in Seoul. Average temperatures between -10℃ to 8℃. Seoul city’s lowest temperature can be minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter. The temperature in suburbs like Gangwon province or Gyeonggi […]

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Best Travel Agency in Korea

Oneday Korea Tours & Travel Wins Best Travel Agency in Korea in the TTG Travel Awards 2017.

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How to travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul?

How to travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul? There are several options that you can choose.     Airport Railroad Express Train (AREX) Airport Railroad Express Train (The nonstop train) is the most quickest and most convenient nonstop train for travel between Incheon […]

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Seasonal Korean Fruits You Should Try In Korea

Seasonal Korean Fruits You Should Try

South Korea has four distinct seasons – Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Koreans eating fresh seasonal fruits depends on different seasons. As a matter of fact, seasonal fruits have the best flavor when in season. When you visit to Korea, don’t forget to buy those fresh […]

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Fall Foliage in Korea

8 Secret Places to see Fall Foliage in Korea

October and November are the best month to visit Korea. The weather is sunny, cool and crisp, this is the best time to experience the beauty of Korea fall foliage. The peak fall foliage in Korea is mid-October but south part of Korea always start […]

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